The Aspects of Applied Cryptography

The Cybersecurity Research Group has been newly established in 2019 and sits across the Faculty for Technical Sciences and the university’s interdisciplinary research center D!ARC (Digital Age Research Center). The group is interested in all aspects of applied cryptography: ranging from embedded security over distributed computation (aka MPC or FHE) and the intersection with data science and AI.

The group is internationally known for its work on mitigating side channel leaks in embedded systems: it is sponsored by the ERC to develop tools and techniques to detect and mitigate such leaks in embedded software.

The MSc in AI and Cybersecurity is spearheaded by the group, which takes in students from a wide range of backgrounds and turns them into experts in AI and Cybersecurity (the program puts particular emphasis on the intersection, e.g. using statistical and/or learning techniques to detect information leakage, or using MPC techniques for privacy preserving machine learning).

The group is open to collaborations in the area of embedded security, cryptography, and data science as well as machine and deep learning when these are in the context of cybersecurity applications.

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Alpen-Adria Universität Klagenfurt
Research Group Cybersecurity
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