Modul: Education Studio

Communication of knowledge and knowledge transfer

The Education Studio acts as an intermediary between university expertise and the organizations, institutions and groups of people interested in this expertise. The aim is to make findings from current scientific work and projects in education research and related/relevant fields of research areas accessible to the modules at the educational lab and regional education system, to economic and technology policy and to partners within the »Entrepreneurial Eco System«.


Projects and plans are generated in different ways, for example through

  • Commissioning scientific works, Master’s theses or dissertations on specific themes
  • Initiating and developing projects based on scientific works which relate to the educational lab or its modules
  • Initiating and enabling accompanying research at the educational lab for the development of the educational lab and its established modules
  • Initiating and enabling projects and plans which enable further development of the educational landscape and which are of benefit to pilot projects, school and student test studies and funding programs
  • Preparing, conveying and distributing results, findings and potential emerging from these projects and plans
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