Modul: BIKO mach MINT

Spaces for natural sciences and technology

»BIKO mach MINT« offers modern infrastructure outside of a school setting where children and young people can work on expanding or further developing their knowledge of natural sciences and technology, either individually or in teams and either in school classes or special interest groups. In the Natura 2000 European protection area of »Lendspitz-Maiernigg«, the subject matter can be demonstrated right on the doorstep in the form of interdisciplinary projects linking nature and technology.

The five multi-functional and well-equipped experimentation and work spaces enable an in-depth transfer of knowledge across different age groups in the form of full or half-day blocks of modules, with the support of teachers on-site. The University College of Teacher Education Carinthia helps with the evaluation and further training of the teaching staff involved.

During the pilot phase, the work space and offers designed here will be used primarily by our partner schools but are also available to all schools in Carinthia or interest groups and for project-related activities (e.g. Science Olympiads etc.)

Our partner schools are

Children and young people aged 6-10 years (primary education)

  • Elementary school 1 (Benediktinerschule), Elementary school 9, Elementary school 14, Elementary school 23 (Wölfnitz) from Klagenfurt and Elementary school Krumpendorf

Children and young people aged 10-14 years (secondary education I)

  • New secondary school 5, New secondary school 13

Children and young people aged 14-18 years (secondary education II)

  • Senior high school Ingeborg-Bachmann-Gymnasium, Senior high school BG|BRG Mössingerstraße and Senior high school Klagenfurt
  • Talent program for prospective high-school graduates
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