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Being internationally considered as center for innovation Lakeside Park leads to qualitative development and improves the offer for research & development in science and economy. The brand "Lakeside" is positioned as synonym for cooperative research & development projects in the fields of informatics and communication technologies both nationally as well as internationally and contributes significantly to the dynamics of the Carinthian r&d ecosystem.

Goals and strategy

Our strategy orients on the following positioning, direction and objectives:

  • A holistic development of the model being unique in Austria to an attractive campus for work, education and life with clear technological positioning.
  • This is visible throughout the constructed expansion and the further development of the campus with unique architecture and first-class infrastructure embedded in surrounding with highest living quality.
  • We want to enhance the attractiveness and international visibility to target enterprises and research institutions.
  • To elevate interdisciplinary cooperation between enterprises, research and education institutions as a plattform for cooperation and a leading venue for high-class events.
  • The development of an outstanding ecosystem for entrepreneurs together with regional and international partners.
  • Developing a thriving place for education and training with the "Educational Lab" as an internationally considerd lighthouse modell for education and training.