University College of Teacher Education Carinthia|NAWImix

An out-of-school place of learning for the natural sciences

At NAWImix, an out-of-school place of learning, forming part of the University College of Teacher Education – Viktor Frankl UC, students and teachers are motivated, enabled and supported in their training and further development respectively to apply exploratory and action-oriented learning in their own lessons. The focus is on the practical implementation of sustainable education in the natural sciences.

The prepared learning environment with spaces full of inspiring materials for touching and handling, inciting amazement, provoking questions and arousing curiosity and enthusiasm for the natural sciences and technology.

The interlinking of training, education, research and lessons are among the special features of NAWImix.

Internationally awarded

throughout the globally announced call for inspiring solutions of IASP, International Association of Science & Technology Parks, our development was already awarded with the 3rd place in 2018.

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Bernhard Schmoelzer, PhD
Lakeside B12a
+43 463 508508 217

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