Scientific data from an aesthetic perspective

Graphical visualization is an efficient and essential way to present specific information about a large amount of data. Sometimes the act of expanding the view of underlying or superordinate information creates images, which can be astonishingly beautiful. Insight offers researchers the opportunity to present and share their scientific work in order to show how fascinating it can be. Insight enables to see the beauty behind scientific data and brings it to the public. Insight is a way of expressing and communicating science. Insight might make you fall in love with the art of science. So let’s spread scientific love!

Call for Submission

It is our pleasure to announce this year’s call for submission of the INSIGHT 2020 Exhibition.
The next INSIGHT Exhibition will take place in April 2020 at TU Wien.
The application process is really simple. Please find the call attached.
The main idea is still that scientific data is being visualized and presented in pictures that are

  • aesthetic and
  • insightful (i.e. help the understanding of the underlying problem / data)

For information get in touch with the INSIGHT website


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