Vision & Mission

“One and One is Eleven.”

Our Vision

“One and One is Eleven.” This calculation is becoming a formula for cooperation; a metaphor for everything cooperation can do when each participating partner is accorded the same autonomy and individuality.

Our Mission

The park is a platform for the collaboration between companies and university institutes in the field of information and communication technologies (ICT). A place for interdisciplinary research and development, education, production and services. Focusing on selected issues in information and communication technology and supplementary and additional technology, as well as education and founding.




By 2030, there should be 2,500 people researching, developing, working, teaching, learning and living at Lakeside Park.

  • Focusing on ICT. Together with the University of Klagenfurt, outer-universitarian research institutions and companies, Lakeside Park will become a highly specialised location for ICT research and development.
  • Focusing on education. Lakeside Park will become a favoured and attractive location for education for all ages; a campus where teachers and students come into direct contact and a place for applying newly acquired knowledge in practical settings.
  • Focusing on start-ups. A dynamic, creative and successful start-up scene is developing at Lakeside Park – new companies, entrepreneurs and start-ups are provided with the optimal atmosphere here for new things as well as offering scope for entrepreneurship, relationships and support.