COYERO is a technology platform that makes it very easy to combine services from different providers into new business models. Services are mainly based on existing infrastructure and can be accessed via mobile devices.

Number of employees

11 (Dec 2019)

Offer for customers

COYERO enables mobile access and communication channels for service providers to their customers by enabling smart business concepts for higher revenue and increased end- user convenience.

Offer for employees

  • Great team spirit
  • Open communication culture
  • Good work-life balance
  • Possibility for personal development

Offer for cooperation and partners

Benefit from COYERO´s deep knowledge in IoT and cloud service technologies utilizing NFC and Bluetooth LE communication to broaden your service offering, generate new business models and increase your company’s revenue.

Market & potential

The 5 years compound annual growth rate for connected services only in Europe is expected by 15%, for consumer connected devices +34% (EU GDP growth  2-3% p.a.). Beside this, the global mobile population is amounted to four billion unique users, meaning that there is a huge market available where service applications for more end-user convenience is becoming more important than ever.

Vision & mission statement

Enhancing connected services and trust in a connected world.


Daten & Fakten


E-Business & Geschäftsprozesse , Informationssysteme , Mobilität & Verkehr , Beratung & Dienstleistung


Dr. Markus Pistauer


Lakeside B07 a, 2.og
9020 Klagenfurt
T +43 463 508 808

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