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Lakeside HackFest

The Lakeside HackFest by Dynatrace is the (un)conference you have been waiting for.

In beautiful Carinthia - where others go on holidays - technology enthusiasts get together to get hands-on experience with the latest technologies.

The Lakeside HackFest offers immersive workshops.

There will be very, very little presentations but a lot of code editors and terminals. In three hour workshops throughout two days you will get deep experience in leading edge technologies. In the evening you can network with speakers and attendees during a boat cruise and BBQ on Lake Wörthersee.

The topic of this year is “Build the future of software delivery”.
We will cover topics like using AI and machine learning for automating DevOps tasks, serverless technologies and modern application delivery approaches such as GitOps.

Where: Lakeside Spitz, B11 Klagenfurt
When: September 6th and 7th 2019


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