“Temporary” offices
interior view of the temporary offices

Six months in the Lakeside Park

“Temporary” offices are furnished rooms set up for 2 to 3 people. The rental price is € 18,00 per
square metre net and includes rental, operating costs, cleaning, heating, electricity and internet
access, but not the telephone. Temporary offices are rented out for a limited period of 6 months
and a one-off extension for another 6 months is possible.
“Temporary” offices are ideal for companies where the headquarters are a significant distance
away or which want to test the opportunities offered by the park or a collaboration with
university institutes by undertaking a concrete project.

Request and Information

Contact details

Maria Mack
T +43 463 22 88 22-11


“Temporary” office
Lakeside B01 b, 1.OG