S2 – Sm@rter Software Engineering & Consulting GmbH

Offer for customers

  • High quality and certified medical information systems for practising radiologists and other fields (under development).
  • Specialist and niche solutions for hospitals (inter-system communications, interfaces, archiving, operations planning etc.).
  • Services and advice relating to the use of new software or processes in the clinical sector (support with calls for tender, interface advice, process consulting etc.).
  • We are also happy to incorporate our technological expertise and quality assurance processes into the development of information systems for other non-medical sectors. Here we can draw on our experience of projects in the fields of car sales and advice, financial services, general project and activity documentation, etc.

Offer for employees

Sm@rter Software offers its employees a professional and motivating environment in an exciting field of expertise.

Sm@rter Software offers students internships, practical semesters and supervision of degree theses on practical topics as well as the chance to learn about modern and quality assurance software development methods (SCRUM, test-driven development, continuous integration, ...).

Offer for cooperation and partners

Sm@rter Software is interested in sales and support partnerships for medical products and in a joint pool of resources for all general development and IT-related services.

Market & potential

Sm@rter Software offers state-of-the-art solutions to manage medical patents and workflows for practising radiologists, in addition to other fields (under development). Our solutions are also used in clinical settings.

Vision & mission statement

Our vision involves Sm@rter Software products being put to comprehensive use in medical practices and hospitals where they can provide optimal support with day-to-day work processes and patient monitoring.

Sm@rter Software – quality first!


Sm@rter Software is a build!Alumni.

Data & Facts


Information Systems , E-Health , Services & Consulting


Ing. Stefan Ellersdorfer
DI Markus Jessenitschnig
Stefan Wagner, Bakk. techn.


Lakeside B15 a, 1st floor
9020 Klagenfurt am Wörthersee | Austria
T +43 463 890 194
F +43 463 8901 9415

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