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Offer for customers

An overview of offers: software development, especially serious games and apps in the field of advertising & prevention, funding advice, project management, coaching and management consulting and in particular workplace health promotion and process and personnel consulting.

We develop our innovative software solutions for companies, NPOs and public organisations. Whenever you want to convey a message through a piece of software – we are the right place to come.

Given the company’s interdisciplinary expertise (psychology, business administration, education, IT and public, non-profit & health management), the focus lies in linking, implementing and embedding business management and health psychology theories and models in the form of e-health software solutions.

We concentrate on gamification elements in order to generate solutions to current issues/problems (e.g. in the field of prevention & health promotion) through playful elements. One such example is a serious game we have developed known as ‘playBENNO’ which aims to boost children’s mental health (focus: increasing self-worth).

Offer for employees

Are you still studying or about to graduate from university? Or have you already completed your studies? Get in touch! We offer some exciting joint programmes for interns, working students, trainees, PhD students and  young professionals (at the interface between IT, business management and psychology) where you can apply and implement your own potential in a creative and independent manner.

Offer for cooperation and partners

The chance to work with a company which tackles current issues in the fields of psychology, business administration, education, IT and public, non-profit and health management.

We look forward to hearing from you and working together to consider new approaches and projects to resolve current social challenges and tackle them in a proactive manner.

Market & potential

Market: profit & non-profit organisations, public companies and private companies in Austria and abroad which handle similar issues or else seek innovative solutions.

Vision & mission statement

We would like to continue to develop as a company and make a contribution, however small, to resolving current social issues through our innovation.


Progressio GesbR is a build!Alumni.

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E-Business & Business Processes , Information Systems , Services & Consulting


MMag. Tanja Rattenegger, M.A.
MMag. Gerhard Rattenegger, M.A.


Lakeside B01 b, 1st floor
9020 Klagenfurt am Wörthersee | Austria
T +43 463 264 247


Constantinus Award 2015

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