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Messfeld GmbH provides industrial companies with maintenance support thanks to its measuring technology products and services. Our expertise ranges from the development of complex measuring technology solutions to integrated energy and condition monitoring.

Research and development and ongoing improvement and innovation have been the key to our success since the company was founded in 2006. We have clocked up various international successes thanks to our specialist expertise and competence and our exceptional international network. The experts at Messfeld GmbH offer many years of experience. The knowledge and experience of the employees at Messfeld GmbH is currently being applied at oil fields in Kazakhstan, in gear mechanism measurements at a Russian steel works and as part of an order at a London warehouse.

Various technologies are used such as vibration and infra-red measuring technology and measurements based on strain gauges and endoscopic examinations.

A team of experienced installation experts provide support in the event of breakdowns and maintenance.

The further training and education field is also an important area for Messfeld GmbH. In addition to offering a comprehensive range of modules at the training academy for maintenance and production, the company also offers an international further development course in Asset Management und Maintenance Technologies.

Offer for employees

We are a company which focuses heavily on research and innovation and we enjoy working with up-and-coming new talent. We welcome students undertaking Bachelor or Master projects.

Offer for cooperation and partners

An international network and cooperation is one of the key factors in the success of Messfeld GmbH. We are very open to cooperation and partnerships.

Market and potential

Industrial company in Austria, internationally active.

Vision & mission statement

We work to solve your problems!

Anyone with commitment, creativity and ingenuity will find that we offer the ideal environment to develop these characteristics. Our customers and business partners regard us as a reliable and flexible partner which develops individual solutions depending on the problem.

We react quickly and flexibly to customer requirements thanks to our innovative products and services. We develop and devise customer-specific solutions through our highly qualified employees, competence, commitment and passion for what we do.

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Lakeside B07 a, ground floor
9020 Klagenfurt am Wörthersee | Austria
T +43 463 219 350
F +43 463 2193 5020

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