Lakeside Labs GmbH

Offer for employees

  • Working in an innovative, international environment
  • A young and dynamic team
  • Scope for creative ideas and research at an international level
  • The chance to take part in projects supported at an EU and national level
  • Work-life balance to enable the combination of a career and family
  • High quality jobs
  • Opportunity for further training
  • Participation in workshops and travel to international conferences
  • Support for spin-offs from research
  • The latest technical infrastructure

Offer for cooperation and partners

  • Research into self-organised networked systems in the fields of:
    • Energy
    • Communication
    • Robotics / cyber physical systems
    • Network of national and international industrial companies and academic partners
    • Smart microgrid lab
    • Robotics lab
    • Signal simulation and communications lab
    • WARP board lab
    • Sensor network lab
    • Public talks by renowned experts
    • Long-term experience in handling national and international R&D projects

Market & potential

As a non-profit company, we conduct research into future technologies. The academic heart of the Lakeside Lab association are the institutes of the Faculty for Technical Sciences at the University of Klagenfurt. They offer comprehensive research experience in the fields of:

  • Mobile networks
  • Multi UAV systems
  • Self-organising systems
  • Intelligent multi-media systems
  • Sensor networks
  • Smart grids
  • Medical multi-media systems

We influence the market through our research results. Our research projects consist of partnerships with different research organisations and industrial companies.

The target markets include internationally active institutions and companies in various sectors including hardware and software development, electrical engineering, mobile communications, robotics, catastrophe management and energy.

Vision & mission statement

Lakeside Labs would like to become the world’s leading research centre in the field of self-organising networked systems.

We achieve this goal through our scientific excellence in researching key technologies in our four focus areas. We train highly qualified young researchers, provide staff with an exciting working environment and support researchers with setting up new companies.

We develop concepts, algorithms, protocols and technologies for the self-organising networking of devices and embedded systems and for distributed environmental perception. A key focal point is on industry usability.

Lakeside Labs sees itself as a link and hub between science, teaching and the economy.  Thanks to Lakeside Labs, Carinthia is able to retain its international presence as a university and research location.

Data & Facts


Information Systems , E-Health , Mobility & Transport , Environment & Energy , Engineering


30% Alpen-Adria-Universität Klagenfurt

Managing Directors
Univ.-Prof. Dr. Christian Bettstetter
Mag. Claudia Prüggler MBA


Lakeside B04 b, 1st floor
9020 Klagenfurt am Wörthersee | Austria
T +43 463 287 044
F +43 463 2870 4410

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