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KPV Solar plans and implements large photovoltaic power plant projects for international investors, including Italy, Croatia, Serbia, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Spain and Canada. KPV power stations generate significantly higher yields than was predicted by independent experts given its highly automated module production, linear performance guarantee, optimal planning, technical support and use of the highest quality European components.

KPV Solar sells high quality, innovative photovoltaic modules from Austria across the world and offers customers the chance to have special products manufactured. KPV Solar provides a guarantee covering its photovoltaic modules for a full 12 years as well as a linear performance guarantee over a period of 25 years.

Vision & mission statement

The sun's energy is the answer to future energy supplies. Zero emissions, unlimited availability and free - and with today's technology, it can be transformed into a usable source of energy in a risk-free and cost-effective process.
In this context, we want to make a substantial contribution to securing future energy supplies by installing powerful photovoltaic power stations fitted with the best photovoltaic modules in Europe.

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Environment & Energy , Engineering


Mag. Gerhard Rabensteiner
Mag. Günter Grabner

Managing Director
Mag. Gerhard Rabensteiner
Mag. Günter Grabner


Lakeside B07b, ground floor
9020 Klagenfurt am Wörthersee | Austria
T +43 463 218 073
F +43 463 218 073 - 89

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