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Offer for customers

Imendo’s target customers are large companies – predominantly energy providers and industrial companies. This applies both to data applications in the energy sector and SharePoint. Energy sector expertise is a particular strength of Imendo along with the company’s long-standing project experience in dealing with key account customers as part of a fast and flexible team.

Vision & mission statement

Our company philosophy is to look after our customers over a long timeframe. The focus is on individual requirements and means of adaptation. We see ourselves as a ‘software manufacturer’ which always places quality over quantity. Our employees are characterised by their flexibility and well-founded professional expertise – qualities which we aim to develop as part of our targeted further training opportunities as a member of the Microsoft Partner Network.


IMENDO is a build!Alumni.



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Managing Directors |
Dr. Jörg Kerschbaumer

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Dr. Jörg Kerschbaumer


Lakeside B08 A
9020 Klagenfurt am Wörthersee | Austria
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