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Our passion is internet of things and artificial intelligence and this passion we live!

Consulting for the creation of software solutions for IoT-applications as combination of machine-machine, person-machine and person-person-communication following the principle connect-detect-act.

As a cognitive connector Caberra enables the meaningful application of distributed computing in the Internet of Things.

The system connects devices, processes and people to identify and solve problems. It manages and controls devices (sensors, actuators), services and applications over the internet. 

It intelligently detects deviations and anomalies and automatically triggers appropriate and immediate actions based on knowledge that is stored in the system, being partly supported by artificial intelligence. It drives the implementation of activities, delivers traceability and documentation of activities and process steps. 

Caberra combines machine-machine, person-machine and person-person communication which is considered to be the key to the successful implementation of cyber-physical systems.

Vision & mission statement

„We don’t predict the future – we build it“

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E-Business & Business Processes , Information Systems , Services & Consulting


IoT 40 Systems AG

Managing director
Mag. Christian Inzko


Lakeside B04
9020 Klagenfurt am Wörthersee | Austria
T +43 664 1332390

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