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The AIT Austrian Institute of Technology is an Austrian research institute with a European format which revolves around the central infrastructure issues of the future. The aim of the AIT is to work with its own independent departments which have performance responsibility (Energy, Mobility, Health & Environment, Safety & Security und Foresight & Policy Development) and in close collaboration with the relevant branches of industry and customers from the public institutions and to offer them substantial added value through innovation and new technology. The Safety & Security Department makes a significant contribution in the ICT context and focuses on safeguarding the operational efficiency and reliability of all the critical infrastructures.  It is committed to developing leading-edge technologies in the field of public administration (eGovernment, eEnvironment), power supply, health (eHealth, AAL), transmission networks, payment systems and telecommunications.

Offer for employees

The AIT Austrian Institute of Technology is a research institute with a European format. It provides researchers with the optimal scientific environment in which to undertake research work. Forward-thinking projects are instigated, developed and completed within a global network of universities, research institutes and the leading industry and technology companies. The AIT Austrian Institute of Technology is an excellent reference on any researcher’s CV. Comprehensive further training and education opportunities provide the opportunity to develop specific talents and qualifications.

Offer for cooperation and partners

Ingenious partners for industry

The services we offer partners and customers from the world of industry primarily relate to technology, methods, tools and demonstration models which are implemented in cooperation with industrial firms. Contract research is carried out and intellectual property rights are issued or spin-off companies founded. The AIT does not independently develop or market any products or services because this falls within the responsibility of our customers and partners. Our research results are implemented in products and services in collaboration with companies which establish the market restrictions and product specifications and offer appropriate access to the market.

An ingenious partner to the public sector

The AIT also advises public institutions on infrastructure issues and technology policy decisions by coordinating foresight processes, implementing studies and evaluations and developing concepts and programmes. The combination of our competence in technology, projection and strategy development allows us to make a significant contribution to new strategy and infrastructure concepts.

Driven by excellence

From a scientific point of view, high-ranking publications are the most important aim in the creation and promotion of an environment which is fast becoming a scientific network of the highest calibre based on cooperation with international universities, research institutions and industry.

Market & potential

  • Technology manufacturers
  • System integrators
  • Research partners

Vision & mission statement

The success of an industrial site and quality of life are largely dependent on having an efficient and high-performance infrastructure. The current systematic changes require new technological solutions and open up new business opportunities to innovative companies over the next few decades.

Before this backdrop, the AIT enables the implementation of innovative infrastructure solutions and today offers the technology, methods and tools for the infrastructure of tomorrow.

The aim of the work undertaken in the Digital Safety & Security Department is to make a fundamental contribution to the ICT field whereby critical infrastructures (public and private) are maintained and kept functional in the best way possible – especially in times of ecological, financial and political crisis.

We want to support the expansion of national infrastructures and use of the latest technology in fields such as public administration, energy, health, transport, telecommunications and business locations by consistently evaluating, developing and supplying forward-thinking technologies, paired with innovative procedural methods and refined processes, so as to position Austria in a leading role in Europe.

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Association to Promote Research and Innovation 49.54 %

Managing Directors
DI Anton Plimon
Univ.Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Knoll


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