Digital Fastlane GmbH

Digital Fastlane offers online media and social networking services through the platform Cam.TV.
Cam.TV is an online media platform or social media platform that enables its users to monetize content. It therefore can be classified as an online marketplace: users are able to share content with other users, and, compared to other social media platforms, benefit from the exchange of their content on the platform by receiving rewards or payments.
Cam.TV aims to target a wide range of users, including shops and small/medium-sized companies, social network users, youtubers, gamers and bloggers, trainers and consultants as well as crypto investors, or institutional investors. 
Payments on the Cam.TV platform for the use of content are either conducted in Euro or in virtual currency, including LKSCOIN. LKSCOIN is a virtual currency that was developed for the use on social media networks, initially designed for the Cam.TV platform.

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